Fedde Le Grand - Rockin' N' Rollin'

April 22nd 2013

The single, which surged through to snag the #1 spot on the DMC Buzz Chart, was first teased to the world just over a week ago as Le Grand unleashed a stunningly original official video that spread across the Internet and Blogosphere like wildfire, already amassing an incredible 130,000 hits and counting! An immediate hit with fans and critics alike, Rockin’ N’ Rollin’ sees Fedde return to indulge in his love of all things digital after the more analogue tones of ‘Long Way From Home’, this time around harnessing huge, walloping basslines, crashing and swirling synth sections and immense, battering percussion for an intense, awe-inspiring master class in ‘less is more’.

Forming an essential part of Le Grand’s recent headliner sets at Ultra Music Festival in Miami and Coachella in the deserts of California, ‘Rockin’ N’ Rollin’’ is swiftly proving itself an absolute monster, more than giving those state-of-the-art sound systems a run for their money as they struggled to accommodate the sheer weight of bass thundering through from the powerful bottom lines. As with everything Le Grand does, ‘Rockin’ N’ Rollin’’ carries with that weight finesse, perfection and elegance, a simplicity that belies the deft production and masterful craftsmanship that continually seems to emanate from his studios in the heart of the Netherlands.

Fedde Le Grand – ‘Rockin’ N’ Rollin’ is out now on Flamingo Recordings, exclusively on www.Beatport.com until May 6th.