Fedde Le Grand and Patric La Funk - Take Me Home

April 20th 2015

The radio edit having been available for streaming on Beatport.com  and Spotify for a while, the expectations were seeing this 4th ever Darklight Recordings release climbing the Beatport charts rapidly...and so it did! Now available on all portals, so grab your copy wherever you like!!!

Following the success of Robotic this new one from Fedde Le Grand moves in swiftly. This time he’s sharing the honors with Patric La Funk on the anthemic Take Me Home. Having been in the cookery for quite a while now, Fedde’s managed to keep this one somewhat under the radar, allowing him to keep testing and fine-tuning with this massive result testifying Fedde simply won’t settle for less than perfect.

A sonically rich record with lush vocals and epic chorus that wowed at the recent GRAND shows comes with a video to match. Following a sparse four person cast in even more barren landscapes the track ebbs and flows as if in tune with the ever-changing backdrop.

The official radio premiere of Take Me Home has been courtesy of the ever-enthusiastic Danny Howard, and we ever so much share his enthusiasm!!