Fedde le Grand & Patric la Funk - Autosave

February 14th 2011

A collaboration between le Grand and good friend Patric La Funk, Autosave is pretty damn hard to pigeon hole. One moment it’s giving you filthy, warping electro basslines, then organs, then warm, acoustic pianos chords; there’s even a tinge of trance in there for good measure. One thing is certain though – this is an undeniable, hands-in-the-air, and stellar first outing for Fedde Le Grand in 2011.

After a huge year on the road in 2010, 2011 looks set to be one where Fedde flexes his production muscles to full capacity. With a brand new, state of the art studio only adding extra fire to the musical rocket that is le Grand, Autosave looks like it will set the pace for what promises to be a very big year for our favourite Dutchman.