Fedde Le Grand ft. Mitch Crown - Scared of Me

May 18th 2009

Scared of Me is one of two lead singles from Le Grand’s long player, and after one listen, it is clear to see why the track was chosen to open proceedings. This is a pumping, sexy and typical Fedde le Grand dance-floor masterpiece that comes furnished with amazing vocals of Mitch Crown. Combine all of that with Fedde’s undeniable ability to make an incredible record sound more incredible, and you’re left thinking… “Oh my god, he’s done it again”. This record comes from the same stock-pile as any other Fedde Le Grand production.

It’s tight, it’s instantly likeable, and has all the hallmarks of being a future classic, after it’s made its dent on the present.

When it came to handing out remixing duties, offers came from far and wide, and the decision process a lengthy one. At the end of the decision process it was about who could compliment Fedde’s original, which meant the job went to fledgling producer Hardwell. This young Dutchman who proved his worth when remixing Funkerman’s Remember delivers a top-notch edition to this first class extract from Output.

Scared of Me sees a simultaneous release across 64 countries spanning 40 territories as of May 18th, breaking world records as it does so.