ONLINE NOW: The official 4k GRAND aftermovie

May 22nd 2015

Here it is, the official 4k GRAND aftermovie release by non-other than Final Kid himself.


The overwhelming success of the first edition proves to only be an indication of what is yet to come as GRAND makes its entrance into the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam on March 12th 2016. An energetic show which underlines the dynamic and emotive nature of dance music like non other, turning the night into a mind-blowing spectacle which will have you drop in awe from beginning to end.

A show by RTL Live Entertainment and Fedde Le Grand, that truly has to be seen to be believed.

Make sure you don't miss out as GRAND turns the Ziggo Dome into the biggest dance theatre the world has ever seen. GRAND packages, Golden Circle, VIP and off course GA are now available!! Click here to secure your tickets!!


Julian Perretta: "Fedde has a passion to extend the realms of where dance music sits. It was incredible to see how this genre of music can not only captivate audiences in festivals and clubs but also in the intimate classic surroundings of a theatre. I admire Fedde for thinking outside the box and respect him for it and his passion for music in general. Thanks for bringing me along with you."


Denny White: "GRAND was unlike anything else I've ever been apart of, a true performance piece of Art, bringing together creative worlds from every end of the spectrum.”


HSB: "GRAND was the best experience ever. It were six awesome nights and a very sad moment to see the curtain closing for the last time."


Zawdi MC: "It was a great and pleasant honour to be part of a team that made so many worlds collide night after night , History in the making ....."


The Ruggeds: "GRAND makes you see the music. Beats, ballerinas, bboys. GRAND has it all. Sharing the stage with Fedde gave us so much energy and the intimacy with the crowd was amazing."


Ilaria Angelicchio: "I felt very honoured to be choosen as Prima Ballerina for this spectacular show. One of my best memories of this experience was the opening of the show. Waiting on stage behind the projection, seeing Fedde going up with the djbooth and hear the audience screaming , was very breathtaking as also my aerial performance flying up side down over the audience. The great collaboration between GRAND and the different style of dancing and singing was the perfect match. GRAND simply rocked Carrè."


Jonathan Mendelsohn: "Being part of GRAND is really the ultimate experience for me as a performer. They have really raised the bar for dance music events, making it a truly unique immersive experience for the viewer and I am so grateful I get to be a part of it!"