The input into output // Fedde le Grand's debut album release

September 14th 2009

Le Grand has collaborated with some of the world’s most fierce and respected artists, culminating in a long player that covers all bases. This is not a dance album, neither is it pop; in fact we’re pretty pushed to find a tag for it at all, for Fedde has torn up the rulebook.
In wrapping this up it’s important to point out that Fedde hasn’t conformed to market demands or made an album for the dancefloor – he’s done the exact opposite. OUTPUT reeks of freedom of expression and we’re placing our bets that it’ll be one of those CDs you’ll be playing in 2 years from now. This is timeless, this is Fedde le Grand.


1.  Fedde le Grand feat. Rob Birch – Wild ‘n Raw
2. Fedde le Grand feat. – Feel Alive
3. Fedde le Grand feat. Mitch Crown – Scared of Me
4. Fedde le Grand feat. Ida Corr – Hard Day’s Work
5. Fedde le Grand feat Camille Jones – Shotgun
6. F.L.G. feat. Mr. V – Back & Forth
7. Fedde le Grand feat. Mitch Crown – Let Me Be Real
8. Fedde le Grand feat. Andy & Dorothy Sherman - My Faya
9. Fedde le Grand & Funkerman feat. Andy & Dorothy Sherman – 3 Minutes To Explain
10. Fedde le Grand feat. Mitch Crown – Rockin’ High
11. F.L.G. vs. P.L.F. – Noise Reduction
12 F.L.G. – OUTPUT

Bonus Track
13. Fedde le Grand vs. Dany P-Jazz – New Life (Fedde le Grand & Funkerman Re-Edit)

OUTPUT is Out Now! And will be released globally in more than 60 countries.