Fedde Le Grand and Melo.Kids - Losing Control

July 02nd 2021





Following on from their earlier hit ‘In Love With You’, Fedde Le Grand and Melo.Kids reunite for the second time this year to deliver another energetic hit with ‘Losing Control’. The adored pairing will be blessing the airwaves once again with this slice of summer heaven, available now via Darklight Recordings.


Fusing together their galvanised, larger-than-life sound, the familiar pair have produced a dance worthy hit encompassing their contagious feelgood energy. Opening with a slow mellow build amidst a pulsating beat, the infectious sound will send shivers down your spine in anticipation for the hair-raising drop. The captivating track is laced with catchy, futuristic vocals that will have listeners singing along throughout its three-minute run time.


Fedde Le Grand: http://FeddeLeGrand.lnk.to/FindMe
Melo.Kids: https://www.instagram.com/melokidsmusic/


Darklight Recordings: http://Darklight.lnk.to/FindUs