Do you want to be a part of the MUSIC VIDEO for Fedde Le Grand and Melo.Kids newest single “In Love With You”?

Let’s make a video together as if we’re right there with each other. passing along the words to my new song “In Love With You”.

DOWNLOAD the images of the words and print them on paper. Record yourself in landscape mode with a white background and “pass along” all the words.

The lyrics are:
Heaven is right here with you
I’m in love with you

Start with the first word (heaven) and act as if you’re passing along the paper to the next person. So start by ‘taking’ the paper from outside the frame on your right side and ‘give’ it to the next person slightly outside the frame on your left side. This way once edited together, it is as if we’re really there all together :)

You can find my demonstration video here on my Instagram

Make sure to send your footage to on March 10th latest. And… be prepared to see yourself in my video! ;)